The classical safety razor with a replaceable edge. 
Weight 83 g; Sapphires Кр-57, D 2,5 mm, 3/1 0,08 Ct, Casting, gilding, rhodium coating


The classical safety razor with a replaceable edge. 
Weight 83 g; Rubies Кр-57, D 2,5 мм, 2/2 0,07 Ct, Casting, gilding, rhodium coating

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Safety razor Apollo

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The procedure of shaving is as old as the world. Even in Ancient Egypt and Babylon men began to use devices made of copper and iron for shaving. In the Middle Ages barbers and surgeons were included into one guild. The nobility had personal barbers. The beard or its absence served as a status indicator, and sometimes а""political"" tool. So, Henry XIII Tudor swore not to have a shave to show solidarity with his French ally Francis I. Henry's wife who was irritated with her husband's unshaved chin made him violate his promise, that almost caused a certain diplomatic scandal.

There is a well-known fact in Russian history how Tsar Pyotr shaved boyars' beards. Those times have long passed and the ritual of shaving has become a daily routine, but we would like to turn it into an esthetic and pleasant process. ""The man who has a shave every morning looks one day younger"" - perhaps, V. Nabokov who these words belong to, meant that the problems of the previous day disappeared during a shaving process. We try to make this routine of ""clarification from cares"" full of pleasure and esthetics. You shouldn't forget – it takes considerable time in the life of each man.

We create the handles of safety razors compatible with the Gilette shaving edges. To produce the handles we use precious metals and all types of jewellery coating and precious stones as well.

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