Metals have been playing a huge role in human life throughout centuries. Precious metals have captured people with their beauty. Magic force was attributed to them for centuries. Gold was connected with the gods of fertility and good luck. Silver was connected with protection, finding peace of mind. Bronze was considered to strengthen a person, his spirituality and firmness and to protect property. Door handles made of bronze and keys made of this alloy were installed in houses. One can or cannot believe in magic ,but hardly anyone will deny the beauty of precious metals.

The tradition of creating metal works of art is one of the important means of formation of complete artistic environment. It allows to emphasize both the beauty of the initial material and the refinement of its manufacturing at the same time. We use classical metals – sterling silver of the highest standard (925◦), white and yellow gold (750◦) and bronze as well. All the works of art are decorated with precious and semiprecious stones. Metal is pliable in skillful human hands that allows to create practically any work of art on its basis. Using the traditions saved up for centuries we have created our own style. You can be convinced of it looking at our sketches and choosing gifts from our catalogue.

However, joint creativity is of interest for us. You can become a designer when ordering products according to your own sketches and descriptions at our manufactory. We create both separate works and also series of the miniatures connected with the themes offered by you. You can order a series of miniatures in which your specific field of activity will be reflected in an art form . These works of art will become a remarkable corporate gift, and will serve as an expression of respect and strengthen the bonds of cooperation with your partners. Charms, cuff links and other products with your company logo will rally the staff.

We can develop and embody any of your ideas in metal.

Such products will be unique. They will remind you of the events important for you, create and strengthen traditions. The objects with which we surround ourselves are the reflection of our personality and, at the same time, influence us creating the atmosphere of our life. The refinement and clarity of our products will serve the formation of the sensory creative climate pleasant to your soul.