Фраже фраже фраже

Frage, Frage, Frage

In Russia there are a lot of enterprises engaged in production of jewellery. We have chosen the Frage manufactory for the implementation of our purpose not by chance. Founded in the first half of the 19th century, the Frage factory achieved recognition due to creative energy and art taste of several generations of the Frage dynasties keeping their traditions and imparting the knowledge and experience from generation to generation. The supplier of His Imperial Majesty, the Frage manufactory, was awarded the highest honour - the right of representing the image of the State Emblem of the Russian Empire on its products. Also, the manufacture became the supplier of other European Royal courts. The Frage manufactory gained such popularity that the very word "frage" became nominal.

Today the Frage (LLC Frage) manufactory is equipped with the latest production technologies. Invariable were the main components of the craftsmen's success - their devotion to the work they do and creativity. It gives the chance to the artists and jewellers of the manufactory to create refined and simple works of art, differing in clarity and sense of harmony of the product which is possible to call works of art by right. You can perceive pleasure from looking at them and making use of them at the same time.

Our purpose is creation of works of art which combine the highest art value and accuracy of their implementation. We recreate traditions, creating the masterpieces which are works of art and objects to be used in everyday life at the same time.

Art traces back to everyday life of a person. The mode of life is like folk wisdom, collective creativity, pressed in centuries, a peculiar vital dance, his dramas and comedies imprinted in consciousness of the person and reproduced in his creativity. We would like to present you some "figures" of this dance to you in the form of our products.

Look attentively at our craftsmen's jewellery works of art - they would satisfy the most refined taste. Their variety is pleasing to the eye. They would become an ideal gift for relatives, serve as expression of respect to your bosses and gratitude to your fellow workers . They bear in themselves several symbolical layers at the same time – esthetic pleasure, perception of life as holiday. And above all, they recreate and support social ties which provide continuity of life.

"Both people and gods appreciate a good gift". These words of the ancient Roman poet Ovidius haven't lost their meaning for the past centuries. The gift bears in itself a part of the giver, his feelings and fantasy. Accepting a gift, its owner absorbs these elements, interweaving them into the thoughts and desires. Look attentively at the gifts you have received you will find yourself in the world of the feelings which are connected with them. Touch the objects left to you by your grandparents - what amount of fantasies and emotions will wrap you up. They still keep the warmth of their hands, tell you about their destinies. It is the transferred cultural text, and in other words, a tradition.

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