The bowl of Heracles

Egg cup. Silver 925◦ ; Casting, hot enamel, gilding, coining, engraving; original Frage (Makassar (with the Frage logo))
Egg cup Golden Fleece

Egg cup. Silver 925◦ ; Casting, gilding, coining, engraving; Original Frage (black piano varnish (with the Frage logo))
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The bowl of Heracles

Individual manufacturing

A beautifully served table even on a weekday morning is a part of family happiness. Such a nice thing as an egg- cup can decorate a table and make your meal pleasant and elegant.

These products made of gold or silver and decorated with precious stones became Frage's peculiar business card in the last but one century. They will become a remarkable Easter gift.

So, we have found our style that is elegance. We have chosen it because it assumes tact and sensitivity, gives a wide field for creativity, turns any process into a search.

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