The birth of the work of art is similar to the child's birth. It is born by craftsmen like a child in the mother's belly. It is born in creative torments and finds life to please its owners with perfection.

An artist is the first to do his part of the work. At first his imagination is vague. Then it becomes more and more visible and, at last, takes the exact form of the product on paper. We don't see a sketch, but a complete picture representing the craftsman's thoughts and feelings. Using a metaphor with a born child, we would call the sketch a newly-born baby. It is given birth but it needs soul. A volumetric model is necessary for the creation of the work of art.

A sculptor joins in the process of creating the work of art and, absorbing the atmosphere of the picture, makes his spatial image of wax. The tracing-paper is the heart of jewellery production, some kind of a link between the idea of the artist and its practical embodiment. It allows to receive the most complex products with all the details at a high level of accuracy. The sculptor's work always fascinates you and the wax implementation gives it a double magic.

Wax is a kind of material that has apparently incompatible qualities. It is strong and that preserves thin details against destruction and, at the same time, easily melts, without leaving residual ashes. Going on with our comparison we can think of the child's soul which is absorbing in itself the world and strongly fixing all its elements inside.

The sculpture is ready to be transferred to the craftsmen working with metal . Then comes a casting process, but the metal model demands completion. This is a teenager, already with his own character and sometimes pig-headed. It is necessary to make a master сору, a standard, All the parameters of the future product are considered in it, including the amount of the used material, its weight, existence of separate details, fixtures, inserts, jewellery and accuracy of all the elements. It serves for the removal of the master copy necessary for the production of an exclusive product or a number of products.

The mounting of separate elements, inserting gemstones and imposing enamel, finish the process. The process of growing is complete, we see a personality with unique qualities and unique features. And а complete work of art in which creative energy and efforts of a whole group of authors can give please you and those who are dear to you.

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