A thermometer is a device that is habitual to us. It has been accompanying us for centuries. Created by Galileo, it has been developed and improved. Its filling has been changed and various scales have been applied. The feeling of warmth is a key feeling for us therefore a lot of attention was always paid to such a small object.

Let's not forget that these simple devices served the person as guides in difficult situations. ""How can one find one's bearings in fog near a rocky coast or treacherous banks?"" - The famous admiral Makarov who discovered new territories for Russia during his voyages wrote once, ""The thermometer can very often give the commander weighty instructions"".

For us a thermometer is an indicator of comfort. We sometimes even humanize it, accusing it of violation of our peace of mind.

Of course, we can find out the air temperature both on TV and on the Internet, but how pleasant it is to have one's own small meteorological station – the thermometer - and looking at it every day to feel oneself a discoverer of new ways in your own life.

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