A hairpin is a symbol of a woman's beauty and sexuality. The accessory has existed since the time of ancient Rome. It has not always been just a part of a woman's attire. So, in Slavic tradition it served as a talisman protecting from diseases and troubles, was used in love and bewitching magic and was even capable of becoming a destiny conductor about which ancient legends remind us of.

A hairpin and a comb put our hair in order. Perhaps, it isn't casual, that in his fable I. Krylov chose a hairpin to remind us that sooner or later life ""would comb"" tangled affairs ( like a boy's comb thrown into the river emerged). Perhaps, a magic value of a hairpin consists of putting everything in order.

The other magic side of a hairpin - the feminine aura embodied in it – has remained up to now. The graceful Spanish hairpin which was used by ladies of the Victorian era to give their hairstyles additional height and expressiveness is often chosen by the brides today as an accessory of wedding decoration. It is decorated with pearls or precious stones. The bride's image becomes more romantic and elegant with it.

A beautiful hairpin is a special thrill of any image – daily, official or festive. We could offer a wide variety of this accessory. Which one to choose? It is up to you.

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