At first sight a photo frame is an insignificant notion. But if you think, everything around you takes place within framework. The seas are framed with coasts, the states - with borders. If you choose a communication framework correctly, it is a pledge of the long-term human relations.

Realizing the importance of frames, a framework, we have creatively produced a necessary element of the photo like a frame.

We would like to see the photos dear to our heart all the time. They encourage and warm us up. It so happens that in years a photo becomes a true gift.

""We forgot who had taken the photo but this instant, faded, unsuitable even for making a copy and an insignificant photo (there were better ones) is the only one to be kept and become invaluable having reached Paris in mother's things and brought to him to Berlin for last Christmas. And choosing a present for her son she was guided by not what was more difficult to get but by what was more difficult to part with. This quotation is taken from Nabokov's ""Gift"" who like nobody else knew the price of memories.

Favourite photos should have a worthy frame.

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